University of Southampton

University of Southampton

Case Study: University of Southampton

BRANDING: 17 year-olds know the difference

The undergraduate recruitment market is fiercely competitive. Universities can offer places to the best candidates, but only if those students have selected them in the first place. How do universities expect seventeen year-olds to tell the difference between the good and the mediocre? They go out and actively recruit the students they want.

Ideal Worldsmiths helped The University of Southampton win Gold in the 2012 Heist Awards for ‘Could you make it happen?’, its very first UK student recruitment campaign. Focusing on the University’s world-leading research, the distinctive campaign embraced social media and live events, supporting its aim of recruiting talented students while raising the brand reputation.

A huge thank you for your work on Open Day. The whole event went really smoothly and we got lots of positive feedback and some great activity on Facebook.
Angelina Bingley, Head of Strategic Marketing, University of Southampton